The event is basically free of charge and no additional online registration is required. However, there are some items, where a fee is required. You will find them on the website under the menu items "Shop" and "Programm" in due time.

Event coins and event shirts are in progress.

Dogs are welcome guests at the event site, but they are not allowed at the evening muggle event on the nearby fairground.

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Though there were two mega events from the same organizing team at the same location, we do not get the "mega" status immediateley, according to the guidelines. This only happens, when the event is held on a yearly basis.

So please log your "will attend" fast and we will soon reach the "mega" status. Please mention the number of participants in your log, for example *2* for two persons (number surrounded by two asterisks), so you ease the work of the organziers.



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Event Nacht der Vulkane
Eventlocation u. Headquarter

Mendig, Brauerstraße
grob bei:

N 50° 22.719 E 007° 17.139


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